Published Works (Peer Reviewed):

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  • Analyzing Spatial Models of Choice and Judgment with R
    With recent advances in computing power and the widespread availability of political choice data, such as legislative roll call and public opinion survey data, the empirical estimation of spatial models has never been easier or more popular. The book demonstrates how to estimate and interpret spatial models using a variety of methods with the popular, open-source programming language R.
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Published Works (Not Peer Reviewed):

  • "Six Feet Over: Internal War, Battle Deaths and the Influence of the Living on the Dead"
          in Dilemmas of Insecurity and Violence: Understanding Security in 21st Century Civil Conflicts
          Stephen M. Saideman and Marie-Joelle Zahar, eds. London: Routledge
          (with Christian Davenport)
  • "Understanding Untouchability: A Comprehensive Study of Practices and Conditions in 1589 Villages"
          (with C. Davenport, A.M. Klasing, M. Macwan, M. Pradeep, S. Vania, A. Stam and M.K. Varma)
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Works Under Review

  • "Torture, Violent Dissent and Democratic Institutions"
         With Christian Davenport and Will Moore
         To be included in Torture: A Research Anthology (Jim Pfiffner and Tracy Lightcap, eds.) currently in proposal stage.
  • "bsmds: An R Package for Bootstrapping Multidimensional Sacling Solutions"
         With William G. Jacoby

Works in Progress:

  • "Effective Communication of Statistical Results"
         With Bob Andersen
         Book under contract with Sage Press, expect completed manuscript by 5/2013.
  • "A Gentle Introduction to R"
         With Alan Acock
         Currently developing a book proposal
  • "Bayesian Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling"
         With Ryan Bakker, Royce Carroll, Christopher Hare and Keith Poole
  • "Protest, Policing and Perception: An Experimental Test"
         With Christian Davenport and Rose McDermott
  • "The Unexpected Effect of Elections on Repression"
  • "Causal Mechanisms and the Democracy-Repression Nexus"
  • "Estimating with Estimates: Advice for Users of Latent Variables with Uncertainty"
         With Ray Duch and Ryan Bakker
  • "Missing Data and the Gibbs Sampler: A Simple Approach to Estimating Models With Missing Data"
         With Ryan Bakker and Johannes Karreth
  • "Risk Preference and Vote Choice: Experimental Insights"
         With Ray Duch
  • "New Models for Manifesto-Based Left-Right Placements"
         With Ryan Bakker and Jeremy Albright
         Previous version: "Take That you Lousy Dimension" (with Ryan Bakker)